Anthony’s focus is helping individuals & organizations create the culture they seek, to achieve the results they desire. He has a unique ability to connect and inspire those he works with, regardless of the audience. Parent or executive, educator or entrepreneur, CEO or student; if you want to see growth in your personal and professional life, Anthony is the answer. Anthony does not offer a program; he offers culture development and assists you in creating sustainability.

He achieves this by focusing on five key areas

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Emotional Intelligence

(EI) is the true foundation to any organization with winning and sustainable culture, without a deep understanding and ability to implement, growth and results are really unsustainable.

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Performance Character

To truly achieve desired results and creates a winning culture we need to learn how to live in alignment in our personal and professional lives. Increasing our awareness of our how we follow through and complete tasks both at home and in the board room is critical in developing the right mindset in your leaders and your organization.

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Leadership and Influence

Leadership at its simplest form and if defined by only one word is Influence. Influence, however is difficult to achieve without developing (EI) self-awareness and an effort to live in alignment, having exemplifying actions supporting your values and beliefs resulting in increased connections. Decrease of Influence results in Decrease of Leadership.

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Team Building & Culture Sustainablity

All the success we experience and achieve in life is a direct result of the relationships that we have developed. Relationships are the key for achieving your desired results personally and professionally, as an individual or as an organization. The first step is Buy-In to the vision and direction. We all need to build a team to reach our desired results, and in order to get the very best out of our people we must know how to make them feel valued, personally and professionally. This is accomplished by having a thorough understanding betweenTransformational leadership and Servant leadership.

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Transformational Leadership vs. Servant Leadership

Both are equally important in creating a team and a winning culture. Transformationalleaderships is about developing a positive environment, improving self-esteem, using good language and developing great relationships. It is about introducing right expectations to your followers and creating Buy-In. Servant leadership at its core is a long term transformational approach to life and career. The focus is creating leaders by equipping them, doing the inside and mental work. Servant leadership is a completely different set of skills used to create awareness with impactful and lessons that inspire people to seek opportunities to serve and to lead others resulting in the opportunity to raise the bar on the organization.