Anthony is the founder of Success is a Language Inc. and a founding partner and certified speaker and coach for the John Maxwell Team.

Anthony has created and authored a number of training programs for his audiences and was a contributor for the development of the John Maxwell YouthMax youth leadership program.

Anthony has broad and diverse career background Military, Financial Services, Staffing and Marketing, working his way in to supervisory and leadership roles affords him the ability to truly connect and relate to everyone at every level in an organization.


As a speaker and Results coach he has successfully offered impactful motivational teaching and results for various sectors and companies; Education, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Hospitality, Corporate and Non for Profit. Anthony has also organized and launched his own leadership events: Future Leaders of Chicago youth conference and the Pike Peak Parent Summit shared the stage with professional athletes and nationally renowned speakers and helped other speakers, authors, consultants and experts raise their game by helping them gain clarity and create their message and brand, recently working with the CIA Security Team and co-authors of 13 Hours in Benghazi and co-founding Next Level ConsultingWhat are you Nexting?

Of the hundreds of companies, entrepreneurs and groups Anthony has worked with, all agree his insight is exceptional, his direct but humorous and compassionate style is impactful and his lesson from his own personal observations and experiences allow for his audience to relate and take way huge nuggets they can use immediately and see real results

Fair enough. But why are we making waves? Why rock the boat? Why isn’t the old way good enough? Here’s why:

Anthony has always worked at the intersection of speaking, community organization, and professional development.  Anthony really does walk the walk. Dr. John Maxwell has said that Authenticity means being comfortable in your own skin. Authentic leaders have self-awareness, self-respect, self-confidence, and emotional maturity. They prize integrity above image, and they seek to build trust with others on the basis of their personal character.

Anthony subscribes whole heartedly to this definition. This shows through to those who truly know Anthony and have worked with him, it can be seen by his passion to help people and organizations get better.

Anthony is a student of his own teaching living in alignment with his values and beliefs, in his personal and professional life. This has always afforded him the privilege to serve in leadership positions creating positive change in the communities that he has lived in.

Currently residing in Colorado Springs Colorado Anthony is the founder and President of the Colorado Springs Hispanic Business Council, Member of the Black Latino Coalition, Member of United Way, local School District boards and committees creating a new narrative in his community.

On my downtime I’m all about: Personal Growth, fitness and family

Can’t live without: Books and music

I never grow tired of: Great BBQ and connecting with people. The power of conversation is so undervalued.

What am I learning: DePaul Values Leadership course- Excellent!!!!!

What am I reading: John Maxwell-Great Leaders ask Great questions and Daniel Goldman –Focus

Music I can’t get enough of:

  • Motown Sounds
  • Michael Franti and Dave Mathews
  • Classic rock
  • Dave Clark 5
  • New Indy rock
  • Old School Hip-Hop

Currently listening to:

  • Muse
  • The Stones
  • Beastie Boys
  • Grudge rock
  • Foo Fighters